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  • Dhatri Infrastructure (P) Ltd. Flat sliding bearings

    If no angular rotations can occur this type is mostly recommended.

    • Type TP without counter-plate
    • Type G with counter-plate
  • Dhatri Infrastructure (P) Ltd. Spherical bearings

    Spherical bearings are characterized by low assembly height and restraint free design. Permissible angle of rotation axy is 13%.

    If angular rotations can occur during the assembly phase but not in operation spherical bearings type K11 / K12 (one PTFE pad only) can be used.

    In case of possible angular rotations during operation second PTFE pad in the spherical part must be used, this is type K21 / K22.

    The fixed spherical bearing type KF can only cover angular and rotational movem ents.

  • Dhatri Infrastructure (P) Ltd. Pointed rocker bearings

    Pointed rocker bearings have the advantage of high applicable loads with at the same time small junction area. Permissible angle of rotation axy is 13.

    If angular and rotational movements occur at the same time fixed bearings type PF are to be used. In case of additional horizontal displacements the pointed sliding bearing type PK1 / PK2 should be used.

  • Dhatri Infrastructure (P) Ltd. Special type bearings

    For lift - off loads, tempor arily fixings, adjustable heights and many other cases and applications we can design and produce special tailor made solutions. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Dhatri Infrastructure (P) Ltd. High temperature bearings

    For connection temperatures up to 550C nearly all bearings types can be combined with a thermal separation type TT in sandwich design.

  • Dhatri Infrastructure (P) Ltd. Roller bearings

Manufacturing Partner

Datre Corporation Ltd. located at Falta, West Bengal, India having an integrated state-of-the art foundry and machine shop, for manufacturing and machining various types of castings in stainless steel, alloy steel & cast steel.


Dhatri Infrastructure (P) Ltd.

Datre Corporation Ltd. has a Fully equipped modern automated Foundry meeting International standards with a capacity of 7000 MT/annum, producing Castings from 2 Kg to 1.5 MT single piece.

Three medium frequency, dual track coreless induction melting furnace with the, flexibility to operate low volume alloy steel and stainless steel casting.

Furnaces are equipped with Eletronic Load cells, for accurate measurement of weight.

Furnaces are computer controlled for accurate operation.

Portable immersion Pyrometer for further ensuring accurate temperature measurement.

Pattern Making

Dhatri Infrastructure (P) Ltd.

Wooden, Aluminium and Araldite Patterns with Computer Aided Methoding.


Automatic no-bake moulding line using Resin system for its moulds and Coreshooter with Cold Box process for accurate and fast core output.

Micro-processor controlled continuous mixtures provides for accurate operation and input to the moulding line. Dimensions of Moulds are closely controlled for producing Casting with accurate weights.

Microprocessor controlled coreshooters.


Dhatri Infrastructure (P) Ltd.

Micro - Processor controlled electric heat treatment furnaces with PID controls for precise temperature control, within 20C

Shot Blasting

Impeller type shot blasting machine to produce a casting surface according to MSS - SP 55 Standard.

Machine Shop

CNC Lathe for machining critical dimensions.

CNC Drilling Machines, Lathes, Turret Lathes, Radial Drilling & Other essential machines to facilitate proper machining.

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